"Once abolish God and the government becomes the God." -G.K. Chesterton

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Silent Night, Obama Night (A Christmas carol for the new messiah)

When the Democrats and crazy progressives are finished passing their "gift" to the American people on the floor of the US Senate come Christmas Eve, a promise to intrude into our personal lives and regulate individual behavior forever while confiscating even more of our wealth, remember to sing it loud and sing it proud. We're all socialists now! All hail the mighty new messiah!

Silent night, Obama night

Reid holds vote to slash your rights

Pay your taxes to abort a child

Holy Senate spends money like wild

Sleep in bureaucratic peace

We've rationed your health care

So rest forever in peace.

Silent night, bribery at night

Americans quake at the sight

Glorious gifts for Dodd and Landrieu

Nelson is singing Alleluia!

Obama's the Saviour its sworn

But the Constitution's been torn.

Silent night, liberty's fight

2000 page bill is tyranny-lite

Radiant beams from lobbyists' face

Premiums to rise at a record pace

Jesus, what have we done?

We shouldn't have elected The One.

Yes, it's truly come to this. Obama can't handle being upstaged even by Christ, so he's going to make himself the focal point of Christmas weekend. I'm holding out for a miracle, but if this monstrosity goes through I'm afraid 2010 is going to be a depressing year. Pass the eggnog.

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