"Once abolish God and the government becomes the God." -G.K. Chesterton

Friday, May 25, 2012

10 Reasons to Vote for Donna Campbell: UPDATED FOR RUN-OFF

I am a conservative who has lived in the senate district for most of my life. I believe we need a state senator who better reflects our values and isn't beholden to big money lobbyists. Here are ten reasons why I'm supporting Dr. Donna Campbell in the Republican Primary for Texas Senate. If you support Donna, I encourage you to copy and paste these to your blog and Get Out the Vote!

1. Dr. Donna Campbell is NOT a career politician. While her opponent has spent the past three decades in government, Dr. Campbell has spent the past 20 years in the emergency room and will bring that type of critical thinking to solve our state's challenges.

2. Donna Campbell is Pro-Life. She is the only candidate in this race endorsed by three Pro-Life groups. Her opponent received an F from Texas Right to Life and has repeatedly favored abortion-on-demand, including voting AGAINST the sonogram bill and AGAINST requiring parental consent for minors seeking an abortion.

3. Donna Campbell is a constitutional conservative with an 'A' rating from the NRA. She will stand up for the first, second, and tenth amendment and against unconstitutional Washington D.C. power grabs. Her opponent once described himself as "a part-time constitutionalist."

4. Donna Campbell will fight for lower taxes and is the only candidate in this race who has signed a pledge NOT to raise taxes. She has also promised to reduce or eliminate the Margins Tax which penalizes Texas businesses. Her opponent voted for the Margins Tax and favors raising the gas tax to .50 cents per gallon and beyond (by tying it to inflation).

5. Donna Campbell will end the practice of taxpayer funded in-state tuition for illegal aliens.

6. Donna Campbell is the only anti-toll candidate in the race and the only Republican who has talked about auditing TxDOT so that taxdollars from Texas drivers actually go to fix our highways; not for trains and bike lanes. Jeff Wentworth voted to toll 281 and Loop 1604 as recently as June.

7. Dr. Donna Campbell is the only candidate with the medical qualifications to address ballooning health care costs and reform Medicaid, projected to eat up almost a third of the state's budget by 2030.

8. Donna Campbell received an A+ rating from the conservative Heritage Alliance. Incumbent Sen. Jeff Wentworth earned an 'F'.

9. Donna Campbell's donors are everyday citizens like you and me, while her opponent is funded by big money trial lawyers who have given money to Barack Obama. One group, TIR-PAC, has spent over $800,000 trying to buy this election for Jeff Wentworth.

10. Donna Campbell has run a positive, issues oriented campaign, as she promised. Jeff Wentworth broke his promise and has run negative attacks ads that even PolitiFact calls "ridiculous" and designates as "Pants on Fire" on their Truth-o-Meter.

On July 31st, I hope you will join me and other conservative neighbors who have endorsed Dr. Donna Campbell for her dedication to core conservative principles. If you are looking to vote your values, you won't find a better candidate. It has been an honor to volunteer for her campaign.