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Monday, December 28, 2009

Top Ten Worst Top Ten Lists of 2009

Tis the season for every yokel with a blog or a column to engage in the pompous ritual of making an end of year or decade list. Me included. Here are some of the lamest lists I've encountered thus far:

10. Top Ten Animal Stories of the Year (Time)
Because animals are a core demographic coveted by high dollar advertisers.

9. Top Ten Movies That Almost Made my Top Ten List (San Fran Chronicle)
Some people might call this a top twenty. I call it indecisive.

8. Top Ten Canadian Foods (Crave Online)
Canada apparently has its own cuisine. Who knew?

7. Top Ten Astronomy Pictures (Discover)
They've got one of Orion taking off his belt.

6. Top Twenty iPhone Apps (Wired)
Also known as top twenty ways to ignore everyone in the room.

5. Top Ten Poker Events of the Decade: Part 1 (pokernewsdaily.com)
Here's betting their definition of "event" is a little more lax than yours or mine.

4. Top Ten Marriage Blogs (themarryblogger)
Slightly less salacious than the singles blogs I visit.

3. Top Ten Political Tweets (Politico)
Almost as exciting as a Palin facebook post.

2. Top Ten Transportation Stories of the Decade (Baltimore Sun)
Six of these are still under construction. The other four made last decade's list.

Maybe those astronomy pics aren't so bad after all. How else do you explain this?

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