"Once abolish God and the government becomes the God." -G.K. Chesterton

Monday, December 21, 2009

The Return of Barack the Magnificent

Today, Barack the Magnificent brought out the usual smoke and mirrors to pretend he was concerned about government spending and the ballooning national debt. He pretended to have just discovered that the government wastes money. Eureka! In related news, Tiger Woods pretended he just discovered infidelity.

Of course, we all know Obama has never met a statist policy or earmark he didn't like. This is a man, after all, who believes government can solve everything and blames free enterprise for our current problems. Nevermind progressives and progressive policy are responsible for the majority of the fiscal gap facing our nation, and the entitlement programs they started are bankrupting us while guaranteeing higher taxes down the road.

Polls show Americans are worried about wasteful government spending, so Barack has to put on a dog and pony show. He does this every time the people get wise to his endless spending schemes, donning the tuxedo and waving his magic wand while winking at the Far Left. "I'm not a Big Government guy," he promises. "There's nothing up my sleeve."

False. You don't propose more spending than any US president in history if you are really worried about deficits. You don't pass huge new entitlement programs when the country can't even pay for the current ones. You don't sign two trillion dollar omnibus bills with billions in earmarks that greatly expand almost every bureaucrat's budget by 10 percent, especially during a recession. You don't propose these things and then claim to be worried about wasteful government spending. It's like an alcoholic switching from beer to crack and then claiming they've kicked their drinking problem.

It used to be funny to watch this clown shuck and jive and try to convince us he wasn't doing what he was really doing, or that he didn't like doing it but felt forced to by the economic crisis. Now it's just a tired charade, a joke you've heard a thousand times. That's one thing about the new, unrelenting breed of progressive Democrats. They are disingenuous, never tiring of repeating their lies, wearing you down for having to explain the obvious over and over again. My only question now is how long until the American people hold them and this fraudulent administration accountable. Because too many people are out of work, and it's not going to get any better next year.

Mike Myers used to do a skit on SNL called SPROCKETS, in which he played a German talk show host who would tell his long-winded guests, "Your story has grown tiresome." That's how I feel every time I hear Barack the Magnificent putting on his desperate act, repeating the same idiotic lines and lies about special interests, inherited crisis, fake saved jobs, and false promises of reform. It all sounds like fingernails on a chalkboard. Your story has grown tiresome, Mr. President.

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