"Once abolish God and the government becomes the God." -G.K. Chesterton

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Happy Birthday to Us: Facetwitch Turns One, Not Five

A year ago I started this blog with the promise of writing three posts a week. The reason I didn't promise more is I wanted to serve a role as insightful conservative commentator rather than a news breaker. In fact, because the news that "breaks" is so often broken and misinformed, I've always felt it was my responsibility to dispel rumors and reveal the truth that mainstream media and lefty blogs either willfully or ignorantly ignore.

It's been a quick year that has seen a lot of changes, but I think for the most part we have achieved our goals. While some months have had fewer posts than others, we still got to 160 (or 2.98 per week) in our first full year. And many of these were long posts with detailed analysis and entertaining juxtapositions not found anywhere else on the internet.

We don't see a large amount of web traffic here, but what we do see is significant. It's not unusual for me to look at the source of our visitors and see the House of Representatives, US Senate, FBI, and once or twice even the White House (we know it was you, Valerie Jarrett - those Google alerts give you away). Hopefully, you were researching ideas and political strategies, not adding me to some terrorist watch list. Of course, we have gained our loyal followers and commenters. Your support is most appreciated.

I leave you with the above photo, taken this weekend at the G20 Summit. There's a photo caption contest over at Hot Air, but my favorite comment came from reader keepthechange, who astutely observed:

"Even though Sarkozy is much shorter than Obama, Barack is still with his head cocked upwards. Truly amazing. His chin is pointed up, in his usual Il Duce pose, and his nose is once again in the air. His entire face is facing upwards even though the man he is addressing is shorter than him by a foot. That is not an easy feat. Only a narcissist could, and would, find that position natural and comfortable.
And this is not to mention the finger in the lecture position.
History books won’t have much to say about Obama. He’s done very little and even less to justify narcissism. But psychology texts will use him as a notable case example of certain pathologies."

Ah, the epitome of arrogance. If only it were a harmless thing.


  1. Happy birthday and I hope that you have enjoyed your blog as much as I have.Keep up the good fight.