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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Can Austin Go Republican? TX-25 Congressional Race Heats Up

For the first time in my lifetime, Austin (and Texas Congressional District 25) has a chance to go red. No minor feat. Not that national Republicans are putting any money into the race, although I believe they might if it's within 6 points in September (which is where I expect it to be).

Central Texas conservatives are fortunate to have a good candidate this year, a medical doctor who is running for political office for the first time out of a passionate desire to pass prosperity and liberty on to future generations. You can visit Dr. Donna Campbell's facebook page to learn more. Needless to say, she's the real deal.

Unfortunately, we have been stuck with Democrat Lloyd "Nancy's Lap" Doggett for the past 16 years, a trial lawyer turned lifelong politician. And what exactly is Lloyd's record? Since he got elected to Congress, he has helped add $8 trillion dollars to our national debt (yes, that's more than Bush and Clinton) and increased our deficit by 900% since Democrats took over Congress three and a half years ago, voting in agreement with Nancy Pelosi 98% of the time.

Doggett voted for the $900 billion dollar porkulus, for the government takeover of health care, and for cap-and-tax (which Obama's own people have admitted will add $1761 a year to the average family's energy bill.) So if you can do elementary math, and if you went to public school like me there's a chance you can't, that's at least another trillion dollars of deficit spending and who knows how much in higher taxes that we can expect in the middle of a recession should the millionaire Doggett turn out his exclusive base of Tarrytown, Hyde Park, and Travis Heights residents for one more term... but just go ahead and let him tell you he's for the little guy. Right. Kind of like Randolph and Mortimer Duke were for Eddie Murphy in Trading Places.

Actually, Democrats are for the little guy so long as they first get the chance to shrink your income, kill job opportunities, and make your existence a little more meager. Once they have established themselves as the ruling class, just so you know your proper place in the pecking order and have to depend on their entitlement schemes, well yes - then they are for the little guy. In other words, they create Big Government to make you small and your rights even smaller. Pretty neat trick, eh?

Most election cycles I would point out that we can't afford another two years of Rep. Doggett and his ultra-liberal policies. But this time we really, really can't afford another two years of Doggett, because we can barely afford President Obama. Only a Republican Congress can keep Obama in check and save his legacy, which let's face it is what they did for Bill Clinton in 1994. If I'm Obama, I'm almost rooting for this scenario. It's the only chance he has for a second term (well, that and the stubborn stupidity of Ron Paul At All Costs voters.)

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