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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Of Muslims, Christians, and Tea Parties

Turns out Faisal Shahzad is not a tea partier. Who knew? Certainly not the kos kids. Neal Boortz commented on this Daily Kos poll from a few days ago, which has to be seen to be believed:


An al Qaeda terrorist  ---4%
An American sympathetic to al Qaeda ---5%
A militia wackjob  ---30%
A teapartier ---32%
A religious wackjob (making an anti-abortion statement) ---9%

As usual, the kos kids were 180 degrees away from being right, but it illustrates perfectly the delusional, head-in-the-sand behavior of the Left. Sadly, the Obama administration, Hollywood elites, and the mainstream media all subscribe to this same line of bizarro world thinking. 

That translates into roughly 71% of Olbermann viewers predicting the terror suspect is more likely to be a conservative "wackjob" than an al Qaeda terrorist (who for some reason isn't listed as a wackjob). These are the same progressive Democrats who were some of Barack Obama's biggest supporters for president. Any questions?

There hasn't been one act of violence let alone an arrest at the hundreds of Tea Party protests attended by millions of Americans, while there is an unquestionable and overwhelming history of attacks against our country by Islamic extremists. But if you were an alien who just landed on earth yesterday, you would have never heard of a Muslim terrorist and would probably be trying to figure out why our government is at war with Tea Partiers. What does it say about a society, and in particular the Democratic Party, when perception is so far from reality?

Remember these headlines from a month ago?

Christian Militia Taken Down

Agent Infiltrated Christian Militia

Christian Militia Suspects Ordered Jailed

Group Target of FBI Raids is Christian Militia

Christian Militia Accused of Plotting to Kill Cops

Geez, I wonder which word stands out the most. Nevermind I had never even heard of a Christian militia before, and I live in a state that proudly clings to its guns and religion. These arrested individuals have little in common with Christianity, but
 the way the media reported it, you would have thought there were thousands of these radical groups springing up overnight and Christianity was turning some dark corner. Not hardly.

Now let's look at the headlines about Shahzad, the failed Times Square bomber:

Accused New York Bomber Appears to Act Alone

Times Square Bomber Charged in Terror Plot

Pakistan Native Admits to Times Square Bomb

Times Square Bomber Motive is a Mystery

Pakistan Emigre in Connecticut Arrested as Times Square Bomber

Broker: NY Bomb Suspect Didn't Like Bush

Notice anything missing? Just like the case of Major Nadal Hasan, we have a Muslim fanatic with ties to the Taliban practicing jihad against America. Yet none of these media outlets dares to mention his religious affiliation. "Oh no!" one thinks upon reading this. What's going on in our beloved Connecticut that is feeding extremism? Or is it Bush again, up to his old man tricks? The media and the Left continue to go out of their way to make excuses for the predictable behavior of an Islamic terrorist, and one CNN anchor even wondered if the foreclosure of the suspect's house might have triggered the event. Are you kidding me?!

It's now official. You have a better chance of seeing a Sasquatch than the word Muslim in any report of terrorism by the mainstream media. But the word isn't just missing from the headline of these stories. It's missing from the entire texts. It's been voluntarily omitted by all the biggest news providers.
This is as bad or worse than the South Park episode where Comedy Central censored out every mention of Mohammad for fear of violent retaliation by... who exactly? Surely not Muslim extremists. According to the mainstream media, they don't exist.

Are progressives so uncomfortable with evil that they prefer to ignore it altogether? Or are they so bigoted and brainwashed that they think it only exists in white Christians who own guns? We have a complete disconnect here with the Left fixated on their own imaginary boogieman while political correctness whitewashes the real culprit of extremism out of existence.

Who needs Pravda? We seem to be doing just fine hypnotizing ourselves.

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