"Once abolish God and the government becomes the God." -G.K. Chesterton

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Democrats Applaud the Closing of Another Small Business

I'm watching the Dow fall under 10,000 for the first time in a few months. No angst. No surprise. I'm told this has something to do with problems facing the European Union. Maybe. But as long as this president continues with his economic policies, it will not be the last time we plunge below 10,000. Or even 9,000. We are on the precipice of a disaster that shows we learned nothing from the Great Depression, which by the way, was overseen by the same type of progressive Democrats who are now running things in Washington.

Increase the size of government. Waste money. Raise taxes. That's become the Democrat's modus of operandi. It may not have a noticeable impact during good times when consumer confidence is up and unemployment is below 6% (as it was during the Clinton years), but it certainly doesn't promote private sector growth. After all, the Clinton years ended in a recession that the Bush tax cuts were fortunately able to correct.

So now that Obama and the Democrats have increased spending across the board, including an 84% increase in discretionary spending, two omnibus bills with trillions in deficit spending, the disastrous cash for clunkers, and a trillion dollar failed stimulus that hasn't stimulated anything but government, they want to play the role of fiscal chicken hawks and work to reduce the deficits they just created by passing pay-go amendments and raising taxes.

This is a really, really bad idea. After all, a tax increase is the same thing as a salary cut, a reduction in the discretionary income for the average working family. And a reduction in discretionary income is the worst thing that could happen when consumers aren't spending. Now they have even less money to meet their financial obligations, to spend on their families and at small businesses in their communities.

Besides, deficits aren't the problem. Spending is the problem. Federal spending goes up every year regardless of who is in charge. Granted it goes up a lot more under Democrats (the last year Republicans controlled Congress the budget deficit was a manageable $160 billion vs. Pelosi and Obama's 2011 budget deficit of $1.4 trillion) and especially when huge entitlement programs are passed (which progressives always favor). Deficits aren't the cancer killing the patient, they are a symptom of the cancer - too much government spending. So why just treat the symptom?

Democrats want us to focus on deficits instead of spending, because they like big government. And so long as spending can be paid for with tax increases (it can't according to the Laffer Curve, but that's a whole different issue), why stop spending? They never met a tax increase they didn't like, so of course they are for pay-go amendments. It makes tax cuts next to impossible, grows government, and gives them more power. But by focusing on deficits instead of spending, we are neglecting the root of the evil - the loss of private sector wealth and free enterprise. In the meantime, businesses are getting crushed, finding it harder to succeed faced with new taxes and unnecessary regulation. And voila, we have recreated the exact type of policies that led to the Great Depression.

This will be Obama's legacy, and while the president talks a lot about favoring small business and entrepreneurs, his policies do nothing to encourage confidence. He has created an atmosphere that frowns on letting businesses and banks do what they do best - make a profit. Then he chastises them for not hiring. This is a lot like claiming to love sports cars, so long as they don't run on gas or oil. Then chastising them when they don't go fast.

Take it from me. I just closed a furniture store after trying to hang on for 14 months of decreasing sales. I could no longer afford the 50% loss in revenue and customer traffic. And for every month of Obama speeches and policies, it only got worse. Government is growing at the expense of the private sector. It always does. Sadly, progressives only applaud this. And that's what I hear: Democrats applauding the closing of my store and the end of my means of income.


  1. This has been your best article yet!! We, as Americans, get what we deserve. We voted in an immigrant from Africa, who worked the 'system' to get to where he is now. We have a president that is an empty suit, like so many of them. He is a man who is not respected, and has done nothing to earn respect, and when you don't respect a man, that particular man will not be able to succeed or do anything. Men don't follow words, they follow action. We have not progressed as a society, we have actually degressed. CS Lewis once said, "Man needs to be more oft reminded than to be taught." People, me included are so fickle, we forget so easily. Thins like 'respect', 'honor', 'nobleness', those words are never used in our society, or when they are, they are thrown about like confetti in a ticker tape parade, and it falls on the ground to be trampled on and swept away.
    Did you know that there are more women in the workforce now than there are men. This is not how society was tended to be. I'm not a macho man, saying that women can't do this or that, etc. but we have a break down in the family structure. Think about this.......if 1/4 of those jobs, held by women, were held by men instead, there would be less men out of work, probably more women married to those men, and having/raising families. I'm stating a basic fact, when a man has no work to put his hand to, it's not good for a man. He then is idle, perhaps committs petty thefts, or transgresses societies laws, etc. and this is no good. Of course, just by me writing these words, I get all sorts of flack from 'rights activists' and people saying that I'm a bigot of sorts, and I'm man enough to accept that. My response is......take a look at the past twenty years, and you tell me if we've come further, as a society, than where we were in the 1800's. I'm not takling about technology, I'm talking about society.
    Men don't know how to be men, and women don't know how to be women anymore. We think we don't, but we don't.
    I'm rambling here, so I'll stop. Obviously, you can tell that I'm sick of this whole thing. The government is the biggest PONZI SCHEME going on right now. You think Bernard Madoff is bad, ha, he's nothing compared to our federal government, he's small potatos. Wake up America, it's time to completely revamp our country. We kick all the numbskulls out, start over with just the constitution and bill of rights, and just start over. Has anyone heard about Greece lately, look at that country there in a bismal state, and do you think that the EU is in any better shape, shoot no, they're worse off than we are. Germany, Italy, Spain, France, the whole lot of em. If it wasn't for Eastern Europe and they're cheap labor, Western Europe would be sinking a lot faster than what it already is. We as Americans, will have to lower our standard of living, but this will not happen, because we have become Western Europe, a country, nay a continent of "ENTITLEMENT"
    Working man as president, hence we need a Theodore Roosevelt.......oh wait, I forgot, they stopped making MEN like this.