"Once abolish God and the government becomes the God." -G.K. Chesterton

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Are You Suffering from Obama Nausea?

I'm going to admit it. I stopped blogging for a short stint, because even I have grown tired of listening to this president. It's all become so predictable and tedious. A more naked emperor has never walked before us, at least not in my lifetime. In fact, I have become afflicted by a condition that is sure to affect more Americans in the coming years. I am suffering from Obama Nausea, which it turns out, can only be caused by Obama ad nauseam.

It's not just his policies anymore, although I deplore his policies. It's his hubris and arrogance, his refusal to change course for a less ideological path, to lecture those who disagree with him, and to endlessly campaign instead of govern. I can't stomach the way he champions himself while blaming others, or how he always reminds us how difficult his job is. I am exhausted from hearing the same promises over and over again, many of which are naive and all of which have been broken.

Barack Obama is not the one we've been waiting for. Unless you've been waiting for a thin-skinned narcissist quick who is completely incapable of seeing anyone else's point of view. Obama refuses to listen to the people, even in Massachusetts, where they voted for him by a whopping 26% only to elect a Republican senator this year. In other words, unless you host a cable show on MSNBC, this messiah is not for you.

How do you know you're suffering from Obama Nausea? Do his speech patterns, once considered fresh and articulate, suddenly sound tired and calculated? Would you rather listen to Joe Biden? Do you miss the stumbling, but more heartfelt words of George W. Bush because, hey, at least he wasn't talking down to you?

I became suspicious that I was suffering from Obama Nausea months ago, but it was the State of the Union address that confirmed my diagnosis. My ears can't take another false promise about banning earmarks. Then, of course, there's always the blaming of his predecessors. But the key phrase that really did me in this time was when he said:

"That's why I'm asking you to take another look at my health care bill."

Another look? Are you kidding me? This thing's been rejected and refuted by the American people more times than a John Travolta scientology movie. Contestants on American Idol don't get this many chances. If only Simon Cowell was there to tell him the truth. Let's face it. If you've lost as liberal a state as Massachusetts, you've lost the debate. But Barack keeps trying to tweak the sales pitch, as if we're not hearing him correctly. He just doesn't get it.

The mainstream media keeps telling us that any day now he's going to pivot, but the only thing he has switched so far is which side he uses to give us the razzle dazzle. Granted, I didn't vote for him, but even I hoped he would learn on the fly, adapt his positions, and prove he could govern a la Bill Clinton. Instead, he just keeps selling himself as if America is the problem and he's the solution. If that's what he really believes, then no wonder we're in trouble.

State of the Union speeches have historically been significant, because the public doesn't get a chance to hear the president lay out his agenda and articulate the challenges we face as a nation often. But this president is on TV more times a day than the weather forecast.

Barack Obama is more obsessed with his image than America's image, with his problems rather than the average American's problems. His problem is his ego, in which he's greater than the entire country. Too much more of this, and we're all going to be suffering from Obama Nausea.


  1. Two more years and 10 more months till the torture is over..........I've been counting down the days, this Obama guy is a smuck