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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

For First Time Ever, Obama Says 'Don't Believe My Hype'

Should the Democrats lose the three big races of this election cycle (Virginia, New Jersey, and NY-23), the White House will distance themselves from the results faster than you can say "Rev. Wright." They will throw their candidates under the bus faster than the NFL brass did to Rush Limbaugh. They will claim that these are state and local races with their own issues that have nothing to do with Obama. But that would suggest voters are happy with the direction of the nation as a whole, satisfied with 10% unemployment and massive new deficits. Polling shows otherwise, but we have even better evidence linking these elections to the president - his own efforts.

In Virginia, where Democrat Creigh Deeds looks to lose by double digit points in a state Obama carried just one year ago, the president sent out this mailer:

Does that look like a mailer for Creigh Deeds or Barack the Magnificent? I needed a magnifying glass to even find the gubernatorial candidate's name on it. The president appeared at a rally for Deeds last week, but already Democratic operatives are acting like he hasn't been paying attention to Virginia for months. Pity the truth. At that rally, the president said this:
You know, when I was -- right in the last week of our campaign, back in Iowa, it was when a lot of you still couldn't pronounce my name -- (laughter) -- a lot of people were still convinced there was no chance that a guy named Barack Hussein Obama could even win -- could even win a caucus, much less the presidency. (Applause.) No, no, no, no. You guys know this. Some of you all didn't think I was going to win. (Applause.) Everybody says now, oh, I knew it all the time. No. No. Right before Iowa -- I'm not talking about after Iowa, I'm talking about before Iowa, some of you all -- see, they're all high-fiving over there. Yeah, girlfriend, I saw you. (Laughter.)

There were a bunch of people who didn't think in that last week we were going to win. When Tim Kaine was running, there were a lot of folks who said, well, you know, I don't know, some of his policies are too liberal and he's too principled. And I'm not sure that he can win in the state of Virginia. Do you remember a week before Tim Kaine -- I was out here campaigning for Tim Kaine. (Applause.) A whole bunch of folks said, I'm not sure he can do it. So now here we are a week away.

Does this sound like a stump speech for Deeds or for The One? He's literally selling himself as the reason Tim Kaine (the previous governor) got elected. He's talking more about himself than he is the candidate. No surprise, given the Fauxbama's huge case of narcissism. But if he wants to take credit for the wins, he's going to have to take the blame for the losses. Or find a way to blame Bush, his scapegoat czar, as Mark Steyn pointed out. I seriously wouldn't be shocked to hear Axelrod and company spin it as "We couldn't fix the mess we inherited fast enough, people are hurting and they lashed out. This vote is a mandate for Congress to work faster to pass the president's health reform." In other words, they voted against us because they liked us so much. Well, at least Chris Matthews might buy it. Puke.

Should Republican Chris Christie pull off a win in New Jersey, the closest of the three races, Obama would be responsible for even more of the blame. He appeared with Corzine five times and sent his own strategists to the state to take over Corzine's campaign, running billboards like this:

Again, I had to do a double take before I realized it was a campaign ad for the governor. I thought it was one of those wonderful signs telling us how well Obama's stimulus is working (25,000 jobs created so far. Keep it Going!) Even in NY-23, according to Politico, the White House worked behind the scenes to win Scozzafava's endorsement of the Democratic candidate once the RINO dropped out. I guess there's no better way to prove yourself a RINO than to leave the Republican Party the day after your credentials are challenged. Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman has a narrow lead going into election day.

If Democrats lose all three races (and I have my doubts about NJ - I think the Democrats' infamous ballot stuffers will find a way to win or force a recount), what does that reveal about the so-called "radical fringe" progressives like to talk about? It says these conservatives aren't in the fringe. They're in the mainstream. Maybe someone other than Fox News will finally notice the Tea Parties for what they are - a grassroots movement against massive government spending, tax increases, bailouts, and endless infringements on our liberties coming out of Washington.

I would expect to see Bill Maher sign up for an eharmony account before I'd expect to see a progressive Democrat concede that Tea Party members actually represent the voice of the people, and that on this election day the people have spoken. If the elections go the conservative way, get ready for all out Democratic spin to avoid admitting such truths. And get ready for Obama to utter four words he's never spoken before. "It's not about me."

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