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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Michael Moore: Walmart Is an Evil Corporation Where You Can Buy All My Flicks on DVD

In Michael Moore's latest movie, "Capitalism: A Love Story", he attacks Walmart for filing (and in some cases collecting on) life insurance policies on employees during the 1990s. The company stopped the practice (which was apparently for tax purposes) nearly 15 years ago and has settled several lawsuits since then. Still, that's not enough time for Moore, who singles out one such incident in his new movie as proof that Walmart is a greedy company that deserves our scorn.

Of course, that hasn't stopped Moore from trying to make a few bucks by selling his own DVDs at the Walmart.com website. But hey, if it's okay for President Obama to cut a deal with an evil tyrant like Ahmadinejad, it must be okay for an "anti-capitalist" to cut a deal with Sam Walton's evil empire of low, low prices. So long as it lines the progressive filmmaker's pockets.

That's right. Capitalism is so bad even Moore can't resist it. He personally made over $20 million from "Fahrenheit 911", a movie which undoubtedly helped put Obama in the White House. Did I mention Moore's agent is Ari Emanuel, brother of Obama's chief-of-staff? And word on the street is Moore has a lucrative DVD contract that earns him considerable money from all those Walmart sales. Perhaps they should have called it "National Lampoon's Capitalism." If only Michael Moore's principles ran as deep as his giant layer of fat.

By the way, if you ask me Walmart shoppers are being way too generous with their stars.

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