"Once abolish God and the government becomes the God." -G.K. Chesterton

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Contraception Mandate: Debbie Does D.C.

First, we were told to focus on the 99%, as evidenced by the people with "I am the 99%" painted in shoe polish on the windshields of their BMWs parked in the garages of their downtown lofts, where they snuggled up to watch Rachel Maddow on their 60" plasma TVs. If only Rachel's demographics looked anything like the 99%, she might have more than a fraction of the viewers. But there's a reason you don't see MSNBC piped into the TVs on display at Wal-Mart or Sears. MSNBC targets a much, much narrower audience who can afford to advocate for costlier energy, plastic bag bans, and $6 per gallon gas.

But the 99% is yesterday's news. Now, it's the 98% we are supposed to get worked up about, at least according to the Obama apologists who insist contraception is a right and its time for employers and insurers to provide it free of charge, nevermind your deeply held beliefs and religious freedom. Apparently, a survey of Catholic women commissioned by Planned Parenthood claims 98% of Catholic women who aren't trying to have children have used birth control at least once during their lifetimes.

What does this mean exactly? Well, apparently birth control use is common, so common in fact that 98% of the women polled had no problem gaining access to it. This is not news. Nor is it news that there are plenty of organizations and even government assistance to help the women who can't afford birth control. No, what's new is that the federal government under ObamaCare thinks that we should subsidize every women's birth control, regardless of how much she makes, even if she's in the top 1%. Nary a soul is begging to limit contraception, but this administration is so extreme they are willing to impose a mandate that tells nuns and priests who have sworn vows of celibacy to pay up for other's recreational sex.

As for feminists, well, this is hardly an empowering message. We are now supposed to believe that women don't have the capacity to be in charge of their decision-making when it comes to procreating, as if there's sex-crazed, feverish lasses wandering the streets (sadly not in my neighborhood) who need a Nanny State to control their urges for them. Wonderful. So now Debbie not only does Dallas, she does D.C. with the help of D.C.

It's hard to believe that in a little under 250 years we have traded our dearest liberties protected under the first amendment for simple, er, protection. We have ditched our freedom for the promise of freebies and quickies  - and hopefully lots of em. If only we didn't treat our rights as casually as we treated sex, we could have avoided this position in the first place. And other contorted, more compromising positions that are sure to follow as Democrats toss out the Constitution like a used prophylactic.

Meanwhile, the more easily and accessible birth control has become, the more women that are having children out of wedlock. We are now at a point where the majority of moms under 30 are single. And so the men really do come and go with no intention of getting any closer to a relationship or responsibility than the fifteen minutes they need to get their pants off, making traditional families a relic of the past.

America minus family. Minus God. Minus responsibility and morality. Who knew feminists were such cheap dates?