"Once abolish God and the government becomes the God." -G.K. Chesterton

Monday, December 12, 2011

10 Things I Learned This Week (12/12/11)

I have decided to introduce a new and recurring blog feature: 10 Things I Learned This Week. Hopefully, it will allow me to summarize a few of my tweets into something for my blog readers, assuming some of you may not follow me on twitter. Speaking of, why don't you? Go there now and add me.

What I Learned Over the Past 7 Days:

1. Osawatomie is a Native American word meaning "stumping for votes with class warfare." (in a total coincidence, it also rhymes with Obama's a Commie)
2. $10,000  > $900 billion, at least according to liberals. The former was wagered by Mitt Romney, the latter by the Obama Administration on a failed stimulus (including $530 million of bad bets on Solyndra).
3. Unemployment benefits create more jobs than building a transcontinental pipeline. Based on this lefty logic, more people need to lose their jobs so the economy will rebound.
4. The Cowboys should burn their timeouts early so they don't risk icing their kicker.
5. Unless you are winning the Heisman or under the age of five, you really can't get away with wearing Superman socks.
6. GOP Debates are more boring without Herman Cain. Also, fewer pizzas sold.
7. Obama told 60 Minutes that he's the Captain. I guess that makes the mainstream media Tennille. Love will keep them together.
8. Texas A&M probably should have hired Gary Kubiak when they had the chance 8 years and 3 coaches ago. Congrats to the Houston Texans.
9. Rick Perry has the same barn jacket as Brokeback Mountain. Come to think of it, so do millions of ruggedly handsome American men. Okay, now I'm questioning my sexuality.
10. Pretty sure Dr. Pepper 10 is just regular Dr. Pepper and Diet Dr. Pepper mixed together in the same can.