"Once abolish God and the government becomes the God." -G.K. Chesterton

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Democrats, Unions, and the War on Small Business

When a business closes its doors, there are no mass protests. There are no advocates marching in the streets demanding the business be kept open. You won't see a publicity push from the mainstream media to save working class jobs even though middle class families are affected. The free market has spoken.

This is not the case with public sector jobs. What a relief it must be to know that if your job is ever on the chopping block, if one small cut is suggested to reduce the burden of government on taxpayers, thousands of demonstrators can be organized at a moment's notice to raise a ruckus and make class warfare on your behalf. 

While most of us sacrifice and put less into our retirement during tough times, while businesses actually face difficult decisions in order to survive a downturn, public sector unions threaten to take more. They protest every measure of government austerity as the end of civilization while private sector jobs are lost everyday without much of a fuss.

Let's be clear. Public sector unions don't represent the working class. They represent the freeloading class. They demand small businesses and family farmers work longer hours, pay higher taxes, and sacrifice more to subsidize union pensions and give members access to higher wages for shorter hours of work. This is immoral behavior.

How awesome it must be to fund your political activities on the very taxpayers you wish to take advantage of, to use large union coffers funded by tax revenue on successful small businesses to smear them. This is the Leftism that always comes to fruition in the long run, a built-in hatred of those who dare succeed as individuals, to demonize those self-made businessmen who refuse to allow their hard work to be used to make the fiefdom wealthy. It's a medieval mentality, the same mob mentality that buses paid activists to protest outside the homes and businesses of private citizens.

Meanwhile, the Democrat Party's entire means of survival rests on this dubious scheme. Higher taxes mean more excuses to spend, and more money coming into the government means more money for union coffers (which also means more money for Democrats). Thus, public sector unions, government workers, and the politicians they support have a vested interest in always supporting bigger government and higher taxes. It's not really about the "poor" or "working class" at all.

How is this good for the local mom and pop store or the entrepreneur with a great idea trying to build a company in their garage like Apple or Dell? The plain truth is it isn't, but the minute one hard-working family farmer or small business owner who risks their job security everyday, who puts their savings back into the business to keep it going, stands up and points this incestuous relationship out, they are immediately demonized as "greedy" and "against the working class." Worse, they are smeared using their own tax dollars by groups who couldn't exist without their productivity.

Nothing has highlighted the bad behavior of the Left like the budget battle in Wisconsin. Unions have demanded to have their pensions completely funded by the same taxpayers who struggle to afford their own pensions, the same farmers and business owners who risk their savings while the government worker risks nothing. And as the unions lose the debate, they have staged mobs and vandalized schools. They have been a force of destruction, not an example, for the very children they claim to want to educate. Even still, they are threatening to cost taxpayers more money in the form of recall elections to try and dispose of legitimate and law-abiding elected officials. Governor Scott Walker may just be latest to face a recall, who by standing up to public sector unions has saved schools (and taxpayers) millions.

Ultimately, there is nothing a union shill won't do to keep the free rent coming, including the attempt to isolate, ostracize, and starve the families of those in the community who disagree with them. In Wisconsin, that has included organized boycotts of small businesses who refused to display pro-unions signs in their window. Not only do they not care if private sector jobs are lost as a result of government excess, the greedy union machine is literally trying to force entrepreneurs out of business in their own communities.

The absurd mantra of the Left can easily be summed up as, "Let's fight poverty by destroying wealth." But in the case of public sector unions, it's worse than that. It's literally the behavior of a parasite feeding off it's productive host until eventually the host can no longer survive and both parties collapse in chaos and ruin, or what Marx called "an endless revolution." That is a far cry from utopia.