"Once abolish God and the government becomes the God." -G.K. Chesterton

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Birther Mania! Or How Obama Vetted Obama on His Own Birth Certificate

Like all important decisions of this administration, Obama dithered on whether or not to come out as a natural born U.S. citizen before releasing his birth certificate. I can't say I'm surprised that he finally gave in to the pressure, only that he didn't appoint a special commission to do a study and make the recommendation for him. Then again, maybe that's why it took three years.

With the release of the "long form" certificate, proving Barack was indeed born this way (to a woman named Stanley nonetheless), the president has lost the greatest race-baiting tool at his disposal since Van Jones left the White House. Is the document real or all part of a grand conspiracy? Depends on who you believe, which blogs you read, and how wrapped up you are in the whole birther movement.

I'm not wrapped up in it at all. Never took the time to write a word about it. Admittedly, I'm less interested in Obama's birth certificate and more interested in the expiration date of his presidency. I figure even if the president did manage to pull the wool over our eyes and get elected with questionable documentation, it's the least damaging aspect of his legacy.

What Obama's done to the country since he got elected is another story. That's where the meat is, so to speak, and what Republicans or third party candidates (if we end up with any) will hammer the president on. Record deficits. High unemployment. Three wars. Skyrocketing inflation and gas prices. Fading prosperity.

The real question is why does President Obama get to keep vetting Obama? Couldn't the mainstream media just do their jobs for once? We know less about our president's formative years than we know about the dressmakers from William and Kate's royal wedding.

There is an interesting aspect to why this story has legs. It's not because the current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue has a funny name or doesn't look like all the presidents on the dollar bills. No, the truth is a large portion of Americans have watched President Obama in action and concluded, rightfully, that he acts unlike any American president before him. Well, okay maybe a little like Nixon, but only the tricky parts.

President Obama doesn't act like he has the best interests of Americans at heart, but instead those of some imaginary world citizen, not the innocent Iranian or Syrian protesters being shot in the streets for democracy mind you, and certainly not our allies like Great Britain or Israel, but some transnational, downtrodden, pseudo-Marxist out there somewhere, you know, the kind Rev. Wright spent 20 years defending in his quest for social justice (assuming you believe millionaire pastors can defend anyone other than their own selfish interests).

The lowly, helpless peasant Barack Obama and his ilk think they are championing is a fictional character, one they have invented to inflate their own egos and give their leftist policies purpose. When such helpless figures do actually reveal themselves, in desperate need of aid and moral clarity, the would-be heroes never recognize them, preferring instead to prop up those who can offer them the most politically. And as it turns out, the downtrodden always have the least political clout.

You'll notice the Left never offers assistance until you line their coffers, it's never enough for them to make do with what they have, and in fact, they demand more be taken from others as a condition of their charity. Such is the Left's altruistic nature, desperate to steal in order to give, mostly to their friends and donors. A leftist leader always pretends to look out for the worker, while really looking down on them, pitying them most for having to work. They wouldn't be caught dead in the same room with most of the people they claim to represent, at least not for longer than thirty minutes.

Barack Obama is no different than the typical leftist, but he is atypical when it comes to American presidents. In the last election, American voters sought to choose a leader who would steer the nation through difficult waters, who could shore up our finances, reduce our debt, and make our nation stronger. When that leader instead plays 70 rounds of golf in the middle of a recession, goes around the world apologizing for America, and enacts policies that reward other nations at our expense, then given the unique circumstances of his birth to a foreign father, it's not outlandish to ask: Is our president really American?

The birth certificate says yes. His policies say no. Most people believe in President Obama's American birth, but they don't know if President Obama believes in the birth of America as founded under the Constitution. And politics aside, that's all that really matters.


  1. Communists aren't into nations and borders so much. It's more like Workers of the World Unite. That's why Obama acts unAmerican. He does not believe in or support the Constitution. Wouldn't be crazy for him to ignore the part about being a natural born citizen too.