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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Japan, Daylight Savings, and Barack's Bracket

I'm exhausted.

SXSW interactive and film are wrapping up, SXSW music is just starting, I'm performing in a short play I wrote involving a karaoke contests between Jesus and Socrates, and on top of all that we have to deal with daylight savings. I may welcome spring, but I'll never welcome springing forward.

Call me uber-libertarian, but I don't believe I should have to change my entire routine and circadian rhythm at the arbitrary whim of the government. It's one thing to adjust the calendar to compensate for the math like we do with leap year, but it's quite another when the change is a cosmetic one that will only be changed back in a matter of months. Kudos to Arizona for having the sense to avoid this bizarre ceremony.

And so I look at my blog and recognize a huge absence, mainly me for the past week, one almost fitting of the current leader of the free world. I have barely mentioned Libya or Japan - just like President Obama. In fact, it occurred to me this week that Obama would have made a great veep. He avoids tough decisions, hides during times of leadership, and shows up graciously for all the political fundraisers and ceremonial events like filling out one's NCAA bracket. You might say he is focused on his job approval rating like a laser.

Someone should tell the president you usually wait until after the midterm election of your second term to become a lame duck. For whatever reason, Obama has voluntarily chosen to become one when the world actually needs American leadership. You can only imagine what a weaker United States would mean should any of these calamities become a full-blown international crisis.

As for the situation in Japan, all I can offer right now is prudence and prayer. I have heard the radiation leak resulting from the tsunami described as everything from greatly exaggerated to apocalyptic. I certainly don't believe it's apocalyptic, and I know the drive-by media has an agenda when it comes to nuclear energy, but I'd rather gather more information before making an overall assessment. One thing is certain: older nuclear facilities are less safe than newer facilities with modern technology and the more we put off building new modern plants in safe, stable locals, the longer old plants are forced to stay online to meet our robust demand for energy (which is only increasing and can't be met w/ alternative sources). Also keep in mind what kind of strain plug-in hybrid cars are going to put on electric grids in the coming years and you have a recipe for disaster.

In the meantime, enjoy SXSW and the NCAA tournament. If you want a kick out of ridiculing Obama's basketball picks, go here and follow @baracksbracket on twitter. As for my picks, I have almost always finished in the top five of my office pool and have plenty of wins to boot, so the least I can do is fill you in on some tournament tips that usually give me an edge. Look for that post first thing in the morning so you can adjust your bracket before the 11 am deadline.

I'm off to rehearsal (and hoping to catch up on my sleep).

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