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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Obama Bows Again, This Time to Bill Clinton

Tired of bowing to foreign leaders, President Obama bowed out to former president Bill Clinton on Friday at a White House press conference. In one of the more bizarre (and weakest) moments in modern presidential history, the so-called leader of the free world left Bill Clinton alone at the podium speaking to reporters about the White House tax plan as if he had just returned to Camelot. The real president, it turned out, had to attend a Christmas party, leaving the former president to run things. The only thing that would have seemed stranger perhaps would have been if Obama left Joe Biden in charge. I'm not sure Jill even leaves Joe in charge of the DVR.

Imagine for a moment if Bush 43 had ceded the stage to his father, Bush 41. Imagine the reaction the press would have had, how far in over his head they would have deemed him, especially given the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Imagine that scenario, which is frightening to say the least, and you get a feel for just how bad this looks and how inept Obama's leadership has become. Someone page Rahm Emanuel, because it appears his president has completely checked out.

None of this should be surprising. Barack Obama has spent a lifetime bolting for the exit before the going gets tough. There's a reason he has a history of all those present votes in the state senate of Illinois. There's a reason he let Nancy Pelosi take the lead on so much legislation for the past two years. Barack Obama has spent a career running for office without ever actually running an office. Running an office, after all, tends to lead to decision-making. And making tough decisions in the face of adversity is the fastest way to lose popularity. Witness George W. Bush and the surge.

Two years in, and Barack has lost interest because he can't further his self-interest. Being president is getting in the way of his golf game, his approval ratings, and perhaps even his trip to Hawaii to celebrate the winter solstice (or whatever progressives celebrate on December 25). And coincidentally, if you look at Obama's entire political career, two years in is about as long as he can last before seeking further adulation in another position of power.

It was just two years into his term in the U.S. Senate when freshman Senator Barack Obama began his campaign for president. He made his first failed attempt for U.S. Congress just three years in as a state senator in Illinois. And it was only two and a half years later when he made the decision to run for the U.S. Senate. Unfortunately, there's no higher office to run for this time and Obama knows it. He's stuck governing for another two years, and in more difficult circumstances than ever. Add in a Republican controlled House, and not only will he be unable to control the agenda, his cabinet will be open to investigation while his popularity takes a nose-dive. And for a narcissist like Obama, nothing could be more consequential.

If Obama wasn't already a puppet of George Soros and John Podesta, he's now being upstaged by a shadow president in Bill Clinton. Funny, but Iowahawk predicted this day back in 2008. So much for satire. It really is starting to get confusing exactly who is in charge. Foreign leaders have to be licking their chops at such a show of impotence. That is, if they weren't licking their chops already back when Obama was offering hot dogs to Iranians to celebrate the 4th of July, getting the Russian translation wrong on "reset buttons", and bowing to Saudi princes.

What are the odds that President Obama won't seek re-election in 2012? I can't imagine him not running, because the process pretty much starts in six months and his ego won't allow him to not begin the campaign - but the chance of him bowing out of the race before the Democratic National Convention, for "health" or "family reasons" perhaps, seems to me greater than ever.

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