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Monday, December 20, 2010

Barack Obama's Department of Social Justice

Over at Powerline, they're referring to it as the Department of Selective Justice, but I think we all know what the true criteria is for selection. First the Arizona lawsuit, now this. As reported by IBD:

On Monday, Justice sued an Illinois school district for rejecting a Muslim teacher's request to take a three-week leave of absence to travel to Mecca. The suit claims that the Berkeley School District discriminated against middle-school instructor Safoorah Khan, whose religion "required" her to perform the hajj, and is seeking damages for this so-called victim.
But it's not stopping there. It seeks an order mandating school officials adopt policies accommodating all Muslim customs, no matter how unreasonable.

I have written before about the dangers of social justice and how it perverts every citizen's rights. Once again, Eric Holder is ignoring the American system of equality under the law to play favorites with select groups or classes of citizens. The repercussions of the Justice Department winning this lawsuit are truly frightening. It opens the door for all sorts of abuse, giving Muslims the status of protected citizens and possibly forcing our courts to recognize Sharia law down the road. And to think, they laughed at Oklahoma voters for overreacting when they passed a resolution to prevent courts from taking Sharia law into account. Suddenly, Justice is leading the charge to bring such radical change?

When it comes to our public schools, Jesus is apparently out but Mecca is in. I can't imagine the Justice Department getting involved in this matter if the teacher was asking for a three week break to visit Israel or take a Christian mission trip to Africa. Nor should they. It's a personal decision by the employee who clearly has a choice in their time and place of employment. It's not the responsibility of employers to accommodate such a leave of absence for any reason short of health and/or maternity leave.

No business could remain productive while trying to placate every worker's whim and religious "need." We'd sink into a depression, or worse, become Spain. The school industry is no different. I believe the needs of a child's education rank higher than the vacation plans of the hired help - no matter how holy. The question is why doesn't President Obama or Eric Holder?

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