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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Breaking: Shots Fired on UT Campus: School on Lockdown: 1 Gunman Dead

I have been listening to KLBJ-AM all morning long and they are doing a great job of filling in details from eyewitnesses. The best news so far is that there are no victims other than the gunman, who has been confirmed dead on the 6th floor of one of the big libraries (PCL Building) as the result of a self-inlicted wound. Eyewitnesses report seeing a gunman in a gray suit with a black ski mask carrying an ak-47 entering the building around 8:30 this morning. That may or may not be the dead gunman, and due to conflicting descriptions, police are searching for a second possible gunman near the Calhoun building across the street from the library.

A cab driver who saw the gunman and heard shots fired may have saved lives by alerting as many students in the area as possible to seek safety. Classes have been cancelled for the day and students in many classrooms remain on lockdown while police sweep the area for a second possible suspect. No motive is known, and there's not enough info at this time to even know if the gunman was firing at other students or just in the air. Again, no victims other than the gunman are being reported at this time.

We will certainly have the next few days to discuss possible motives, gun laws, etc. Texas is a conceal and carry state but the entire UT campus is a gun free zone. No doubt liberal bloggers are holding their breath and hoping this is a tea party member and if he ever visited this blog we are surely doomed to be labeled as hate speech.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the students, faculty, and employees of the University of Texas and their families. Let's hope no one else gets injured or killed during this ordeal.

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