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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tea Parties and Racism

Let's be honest. Racism exists. It exists in every group of people on the planet. There's not one element of our society where you won't find some racism. Blacks. Whites. Hispanics. Jews. Republicans. Democrats. Conservatives. Progressives. Californians. Floridians. New Yorkers. Texans. Marxists. Libertarians. Those who love Lady Gaga and those who despise her (please include me in the latter). Actors. Plumbers. Christians. Atheists. Canadians. Americans. Racists can be found in every group, but you don't label the entire group based on fringe elements of society.

So to smear an entire group as racist, unless they are Klan members or former Klan members like Democrat Senator Robert Byrd, is twisted and disingenuous to say the least. To select a group who you disagree with based on ideology, like the Tea Parties, and instead claim you disagree with them because there might be racists in their group, that's sick, subversive and undemocratic. But don't expect that to stop the leftists in the media or the Democrat Party under the newfound "unity" of Barack Obama.

Clearly, the agenda of Axelrod, Gibbs, the Journolist Group, the Kos Kids, and every other progressive or Democratic operative is to paint those who disagree with them as racist in an attempt to undermine their legitimate criticisms and to energize the Lefty base to come out and vote in the midterm elections. I hope it fails miserably.

To be on the Left is to never be called racist, not because there aren't racists there (again, see Robert Byrd, Rev. Wright, or Helen Thomas), but because conservatives see people as individuals. We understand that every individual is different, and we save our concern and name-calling  for dangerous ideologies like radical Islam or Communism.

While I abhor racism though, I encourage racists to express their racism openly. Not violently, but openly. The more vocalized racism is in our society, the easier it is to refute. Politically correct lefties want racism hidden. They encourage censorship and political correctness. I'm not sure what this solves, and I would welcome any progressive or Democrat to explain why it's better that racism gets subverted (kind of like Communism does these days) rather than be displayed out in the open.

Of course, all this name-calling and finger-pointing by the Left really proves is that 1) they are so threatened by the tea parties philosophy that they feel the need to demonize an entire group rather than tackle the arguments head-on, and 2) it takes way more courage to be on the right, because you will be attacked in cheap, petty, and unfair ways that progressives will never have to experience.

The funny thing is our president is African-American, the attorney general is African-American, our most successful TV personality is African-American, our most revered and highest paid athletes are African-American, the head of the Republican Party is African-American, the previous secretary-of-state is African-American, and frankly you'd be hard-pressed to find a nation with more African-Americans in such high-profile and successful positions. But rather than celebrate these achievements, rather than singling our nation out for being among the least racist, we are still wringing our hands, asking white males to apologize, and attempting to rewrite our laws in the name of "social justice."

Which just proves how far we've come. Charges of racism today have never rang more hollow or been hurled at more people who have no racist motives whatsoever. In other words, we need less talk about race, not more.

And if you disagree with me, you're probably a race-baiter.

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