"Once abolish God and the government becomes the God." -G.K. Chesterton

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

America's Choice: Stand with Israel or Allow Anarchy, War, and Genocide

Let's suppose you and your neighbor both own dogs. Your dog is well-mannered, obedient, and greets people with a wagging tail. You regularly take walks in the neighborhood without a leash and there's never been an incident. The neighbor's dog, on the other hand, has a history of aggressive behavior. Their dog has been trained to kill and on several occasions has had to be restrained from attacking.

One day you arrive home to find your backyard gate mysteriously open. Upon exploring, you find both your dog and your neighbor's dog lying next to each other badly wounded. The neighbor immediately claims that your dog attacked his dog and demands you put your dog to sleep. He tells all the neighbors this story before you have a chance to respond. What are the chances he is telling the truth? Will you put your dog to sleep to appease your neighbor? Will that solve the problem or make it worse if you get another dog? What if the rest of the neighborhood isolates and puts pressure on you?

For Israel, these questions are a reality as it tries to deal with its Muslim neighbors and their trained attack dogs - Hamas and Hezbollah. These terrorist organizations seek the destruction of Israel. They have launched over 7000 rockets across the border and sent suicide bombers to target Israeli civilians. They celebrate death and martyrdom and are funded by a Muslim authoritarian state in Iran whose leader has expressed his desire to annihilate the Jews. And what exactly is Israel's crime? Trying to protect their citizens from this violent madness.

The Muslim world would have us believe that the family pug is a vicious killer and their pit bulls are harmless rescue dogs. So when Israeli troops armed with paintball guns are forced to board ships in a flotilla whose sole purpose is to break a naval blockade of the Hamas-controlled Gaza strip - a group Israel is at war with despite repeatedly offering them land in hopes of peace - we are supposed to believe the ridiculous narrative that Israel is the attack dog.

In one corner we have a democracy where freedom flourishes. In the other, a fanatical group with terrorist ties who wishes for freedom to be diminished. So who do you suppose the U.N. will condemn? Israel of course. What else would you expect from a governing body that appointed Libya to its Human Rights Commission and Iran to the Commission on Women's Rights? Meanwhile, it took weeks to come out with a lackluster statement against North Korea for the unprovoked sinking of a South Korean vessel in what was arguably an act of war. 

Welcome to the Left's version of the new world order where up becomes down, law becomes anarchy, and the U.N. is a completely worthless body that actually legitimizes illegitimate behavior and incentivizes the act of provoking freedom-loving democracies. The word "humanitarian" has never been so defamed.

Call me old-fashioned and oh, what's the word... ethical, but I'm going to side with the people who have a long tradition of respecting the dignity of human life and go out of their way to avoid unnecessary casualties. That happens to be Israel. Should one choose to side with the Muslim "humanitarians", who sang songs about martyrdom on the boat hours before the raid and have a history of attacking civilians and arming Hamas, can there be any hope for humanity?

If we are to listen to the useful idiots in Europe who have already sabotaged their own culture with moral relativism to a lesser degree, the answer is no. Continents of cowards will be cowards. And so once again it's up to the United States to cast light on the truth and stand up for Israel's sovereignty. If they fall, we fall and if we fail, evil prevails. It's as simple as that.

It would be wise to remember that groups who resort to using human shields have no interest in protecting human rights. What happened over the weekend was one more attempt by radical Islamists to use innocent civilians as a front for the cause of isolating and overthrowing the Jewish state of Israel. Don't be fooled by the attempts of the Arab street, the Left, and the media to spin this any other way.

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