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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sioux City Video Redefines Cool

Today we take a break from politics to celebrate flyover country. I get the feeling a lot of elites would rather be caught dead than in Sioux City, Iowa doing anything, let alone lip syncing a Jefferson Starship song. That's a shame.

If you haven't seen this gem yet, prepare yourself for the greatest feast of Chamber of Commerce cheese whiz any town could come up, "We Built Sioux City." I've argued before that "We Built This City" is perhaps the lamest, whitest rock n roll song ever written. And yet somehow the good-natured people of Sioux City have made themselves seem even whiter and lamer in comparison. I'm not exactly sure what the message is here. That it would have been great to live in Sioux City during the 1980s or that Sioux City is 20 years behind the times? One thing's for certain watching this video. Sioux City was definitely not built on rock n' roll. Soft country and Weird Al Yankovic maybe.

The lack of pretense in this town is admirable, and I would gladly join these Iowans for a meal at the Chili's, Appleby's, or Arby's of their choosing. I'd also like to see some other mid-size American cities step up to the plate and try to top this with a cheesier song. I'm thinking something like "You Ain't Seen Tulsa Yet" or "Keep on Rockin' in Fort Wayne." Any other suggestions?

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  1. I freaked out when I saw the cops, and I had to turn it off. It brought back some bad memories that I'm trying to distance myself from, ha