"Once abolish God and the government becomes the God." -G.K. Chesterton

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Hidden Meaning Behind "Yes, We Can"

During the campaign, I always assumed that "yes, we can" meant "yes, the people can..." and even though I disagreed with Obama's politics it seemed like a positive slogan for America. But having now analyzed fourteen months of the president's policies and speeches, I have decoded it and realized it's way more sinister. The "we" Obama is referring to isn't at all about us. It's about him. When Obama says "yes, we can" he means "yes, the government can" and "no, you the individual (or private business) can't."

So with health care reform yes, the government can make you buy health insurance and tell you exactly what kind of coverage to buy... yes, the government can limit the profits of private insurance companies and tell them how much they are allowed to spend on administrative costs... yes, the government can tax and penalize doctors for ordering too many medical tests. And if the government can do this, then your individual rights have been greatly limited. So no, you can't choose to not be insured... no, you can't carry catastrophic insurance that has a higher deductible and a lower premium... no, you can't be treated by your doctor without bureaucratic oversight... and no, you can't get a student loan from a private lender.

If the financial "reforms" go through then yes the government can tell you how to run your business and no, you can't tell the government to go take a hike. They own you now.

Alarmingly, our behavior is being controlled and our choices are being restricted all to the tune of a cult-like chorus of "Yes, We Can!" Listen to the president's next speech and notice where he places the trademark phrase. The "we" is his regime. It's not us. Talk about subversion.


  1. Absolutely correct. One of the smartest things I have heard. I never thought about it like that but now that you have mentioned it I am going to use it. I appreciate the candor.

  2. The government, the government....I said it once, and I'll say it again.....it's the biggest PONZI scheme that's been going on for the past 120 years. All you have to do is sell your soul to the 'CLUB', and once you're in, you've got it made. Unless you do something really stupid that upsets the public masses to a degree that can't be tolerated.