"Once abolish God and the government becomes the God." -G.K. Chesterton

Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Only Thing You Need to Know about Wall Street Reform is Slimy Billionaire George Soros Supports It

As bad as President Obama's major legislation has been to date, his financial regulation overhaul might be the worst yet. I'm actually surprised how little attention it's getting. Unless you go deep into search queries, most of the mainstream media coverage focuses simply on the horse race, and even conservative blogs fail to delve into the layers of the bill for the game-changing intricacies I am sure exists.

Question: Who will benefit the most from Obama's reforms?

Answer: George Soros

How do I know this? Because Soros strongly supports the bill. This is the same George Soros that made his fortune by betting against the British pound, the same George Soros convicted of insider trading in France, the same George Soros that made billions off America's financial meltdown, the same George Soros that makes Halliburton look like a mom-and-pop store, and yes, the same George Soros who practically owns and pays the bills for the Democratic Party. That's all you need to know to be opposed to these "reforms."

If a Wall Street speculator like Soros is talking up the regulation, you can bet it's in his financial interest. If a billionaire sleazeball needs volatile markets to game the system , you can rest assured the "reforms" will do nothing for financial stability on Wall Street.

Every thousand page bill Obama passes has layer upon layer of bribes, hidden beneficiaries, and unintended consequences. This bill is no different. The civil suit brought against Goldman Sachs at the same time is classic misdirection. There's a huge story here, but it's going to take some digging.


  1. It's that old adage, don't trust anyone in a suit. Of course, anymore, you just can't trust anyone.....or at least you take everyone with a grain of salt. Yeah,there's usually a reason why people support something, becuase it either furthers their cause, gains them power, or puts money in their pockets.
    There is a line that we use to know "For the Greater Good" unfortunately, the 'Greater Good' is now meant to mean the 'Proper Good'