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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Flip Flop: Harry Reid Debates Harry Reid on Reconciliation

Yesterday, Harry Reid told fellow senators, and particularly Republicans, to stop crying about reconciliation, which appears to be the only path to ram FauxbamaCare down America's throat now that Scott Brown has killed the Democrats' supermajority. Poor Harry must have amnesia, either that or he's calling himself a crybaby, because from 2004 to 2008 he took the opposite position. As I previously posted, Harry was vehemently opposed to the use of the nuclear option - i.e. ending the filibuster - on the grounds that it ran tyranny over the minority and in fact, "would ruin this country." IN HIS OWN WORDS, he called the idea of reconciliation "black, black days for America. I hope we never get to that place again."

I'll agree with Reid on one thing. These are dark days indeed. If you're going to stake out a principled position and wax philosophical over the founding of the country, it's probably a good idea to visualize yourself keeping that principle if the winds of change ever put you in power. Otherwise, you look like a shallow, opportunistic jerk when you disregard your own words of wisdom. Oh well, if the flip-flop fits... Funny how these flip-flops always work out with the flipper flopping to the politically advantageous position. It would be refreshing if for once it happened in reverse. But that'll be a cold day in Al Gore's Hell, or at least when the mainstream press holds Democrats to the same standard as Republicans.

Now that Reid is in no man's land with a simple majority but not a supermajority, no legislation is too radical or far-reaching, and 51 votes is more than sufficient for turning one-sixth of the economy over to the State. We are supposed to be a Nation of Laws, not a nation of men, but Democrats are having trouble with that one unless you're talking about lawyering up underwear bombers and 9/11 terrorists.

Nothing to see here except more partisanship and name-calling from the intolerant progressives of the Democratic Party. Move along, you crybabies.

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