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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Pelosi's Legacy: Worst Speaker Ever

That sound you heard coming out of Washington last night around 11 pm was America's freedom being strangled. Speaker Pelosi was able to manhandle enough blue dog Democrats to ram her state-run health care through by a narrow-thin margin of 220-215. This is hardly a surprise given the huge Democratic majority in the House and only proves what we already knew. This legislative body would pass a trillion dollar sack of rotten potatoes if the president asked. I would argue he has done just that, twice now if you count the stimulus bill.

It's a strange thing for a nation's leaders to face a dire economic crisis with the second highest unemployment rate since World War II, and literally ignore doing anything to solve it. Under the leadership of Pelosi and Obama, the Democrats have instead remain fixated on passing their ideological and statist agenda, the same exact legislation they ran on when the economy was booming. Now it's busting, and they haven't changed their priorities in the slightest. They haven't examined or tried to solve what caused the bust in the first place, and they have blinders on when it comes to the history of recessions and the best way to climb out of them - let the wage earners and job producers keep more of their money.

Since Pelosi took over, she has put this nation on the fast track to the slaughterhouse. She inherited a deficit of just under $300 billion in 2007, which she has personally managed into a $1.4 trillion shortfall for 2009. In the last year alone, her caucus is responsible for ramming through $700 billion in TARP money, a $787 billion stimulus which has failed to produce stimulus, the $411 billion omnibus bill with nine trillion dollars of earmarks, a cap-and-trade bill that will cost American families $1700 a year in higher energy costs, and now the health care fiasco, sure to raise rates for everyone who buys health insurance.

The ethically challenged Charlie Rangel and Henry Waxman both praised the speaker as possibly the greatest in the history of the House after the bill passed last night. If bankrupting the nation and raising taxes during a recession is what it takes to be the greatest, count me out of ever wanting any such praise from them. If history has show us anything, raising taxes during a recession is the fastest way to lengthen it and perhaps enter into a great depression. This will be Speaker Pelosi's legacy, assuming Democrats keep up the bad work.

Why the Democrats are hell bent on making every American dependent on the government, rather than capable and independent individuals, I cannot say. I do know that if it's about power, such a strategy worked to make Hugo Chavez dictator for life in Venezuela. Of course, what's good for the authoritarian regime is never good for the people.

Pelosi's bill still has a long way to go. Something has to come out of the Senate, be reconciled with the House bill, and then be voted on again in both chambers of Congress. That's why it's more important than ever to keep pressure on your senator and representative and thank those like Democrat Chet Edwards of Waco for crossing the aisle to take a stand against this kind of tyranny.

This is still a nation of the people, by the people, and for the people... but just barely.

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