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Friday, October 16, 2009

Set DVRs to Torture: Super Horrific Health Care Hour Returns

In case you're a masochist who missed it the first time, or maybe you're interrogating someone (clearly not at Gitmo) and need to create intense emotional distress, there's good news for you on cable tonight. Keith Olbermann will be rerunning his hour long special commentary on health care reform, perhaps the biggest waste of airtime in television history. On a similar note, the National Geographic Channel will air the 1986 live TV special of Geraldo unveiling The Mystery of Al Capone's Vault.

Should you care to catch the "encore presentation" (talk about bastardizing a phrase) of Keith Olbermann's Super Horrific Health Care Hour - an hour of liberal nonsense, tortured logic, unrelated personal anecdotes, and Charles Dickens references - you'll note the MSNDNC host actually makes a tiny amount of sense when he asks for donations at the end of the show (no, not for his show, though with MSNDNC's ratings they could sure use them). Keith wraps up the hour by encouraging viewers to donate to the NAFC, a group that provides free health clinics around the country.

That's right, Keith accidentally shoots his own argument in the foot once again. Free clinics that rely on donations and volunteers are the exact type of health care programs that conservatives support. It's not a transfer of wealth to the government. It doesn't unconstitutionally force Americans to buy a particular product. It doesn't increase taxes or force gross new regulations on insurance companies causing premiums to go up. It doesn't limit the treatment one patient can receive in order to pay for the treatment of another patient with a "more curable" disease. It doesn't create an unsustainable entitlement program forever plunging the nation into debt. In fact, this is a win-win situation for the entire nation.

How Olbermoron comes to believe that supporting this program will somehow prove that the government can do a better job by attempting to provide the same service for everybody in the entire country AND reduce the deficit is not something he explains. Probably because he can't. Needless to say, I agree with Keith (and that's not something I've ever said before) that this non-profit organization deserves our support.

There's a big difference between encouraging people to give their time and money to help others (think Mother Theresa) and confiscating wealth by force to establish government agents with the power to control who gets help (think Hugo Chavez). Socialized medicine pushes the latter under the guise of the former. That's why progressivism is such a poisonous ideology. It uses people's desire to do good and help others in order to gain control over citizens lives, a point that statists like Olbermoron never seem to grasp.

To donate to the National Association of Free Clinics as a conservative and possibly make Keith's head explode, go here.


  1. I tried to watch it but then my head started to hurt and I realized I'd rather be getting a root canal. But yeah, what's Keith Overbite talking about and supporting charities for if he wants the govermnent to do it?