"Once abolish God and the government becomes the God." -G.K. Chesterton

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Even More Cause for Alarm

It's been almost 60 days since General McChrystal presented his recommendations for winning the war in Afghanistan to President Obama. And while our troops wait breathlessly for "the new strategy," guess whose expertise the president is deferring to? (Hint: it's not the previous administration's, the one Cheney revealed they left behind earlier this week.)

“Let’s assume they left us a review that was absolutely correct. Is that review relevant and totally applicable to today in light of the changes that have taken place in the region, in Afghanistan itself? So I think that is sort of irrelevant. Not sort of – I think it’s irrelevant.
"That’s why the president asked me to get in the place in January and go to Afghanistan. I came back with a different review. I came back with an assessment as to what I thought was, what we were inheriting, okay?...

He has sought my opinion not generically but in detail. And if he reaches a different conclusion than I do, that's okay. He's the president. But, I am... Anyway, I guess that's the best way to answer the question."

Who is this expert? A military strategist or a general perhaps? Only if you refer to him as General Knowledge (and even that's mostly in his own mind.) That's right, the man who wanted to divide Iraq into three separate nations, the bumbling mouthpiece who accidentally disclosed the hidden bunker at Number One Observatory Circle, our current vice-president.

Rest easy. No one messes with Joe.


  1. This is my prayer when I go to sleep tonight, "Lord, please don't let the idiots running this country ruin this country. I implore you, on behalf of my fellow Americans, please don't let these bumbling government cronies rape and plunder this great country to screw over the little guy. No matter what happens, I put my trust in You, because You are just."