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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

ACL Festival Video: And the Nobel Dance Prize Goes to...

Because I don't feel like blogging about health care yet again (even though Olympia Snowe's traitorous support of the Baucus bill is dominating the news today), I thought I would take this opportunity to wrap up my ACL Music Festival coverage with exclusive photos and video. I wasn't planning on attending at all this year, but my resourceful social butterfly of a sister called to tell me she had gotten her hands on VIP passes early Friday. Even a principled blogger like myself couldn't say no to a junket like that. To quote Olympia Snowe, "when history calls, history calls." Though I'm still not sure what she thinks history has called her to do. Abandon the US Constitution? Compromise conservative values for Big Government? But I digress. Suffice it to say, a mere hour later I was downtown sipping free Tito's with vitamin water (cures hangovers!) and catching some of my favorite bands in sunny Zilker Park (the rain didn't come until Saturday).

There's no denying that Phoenix was the best band to see on Friday, one of the highlights of the entire weekend. In fact, they are quickly becoming one of my favorite acts. I saw them two years ago and was equally impressed. But stealing some of the spotlight from their show on stage was the show in the crowd. Yes, I'm talking about Hair Flip Boy. With his enthusiastic dance routine, Hair Flip Boy showed off moves that I can only describe as Riverdance meets African Anteater Ritual (yes, that was a nineties Patrick Dempsey reference, but trust me, it's so apropos).

And so it is with great honor I present to you the Nobel Dance prize winner of 2009: Hair Flip Boy at the ACL Festival. Hey, at least he actually did something to earn his award.

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