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Saturday, September 12, 2009

In Joe Wilson, Left Finally Finds Their Villain

What exactly does it take to shock the Left? What type of indecent behavior causes the progressive side of the blogosphere and cable news to come alive with vitriol and outraged punditry? I mean besides town hall meetings filled with protesters not on Obama's payroll.

Could it be this man, a convicted terrorist responsible for the deaths of 240 Americans, who was granted early release from a Scottish prison and received a hero's welcome from Gaddafi's authoritarian regime?

Nope. No outrage from the Left there.

Could it be the radical ideology of this White House employee and presidential advisor, who resigned in the middle of the night on a holiday weekend after being exposed as a 9/11 "truther", a Marxist, a Communist, a former Black Panther, and supporter of cop-killer Mumia Abu Jamal.

Nope. In fact, progressive blogs and MSNDNC spokesmen are defending Van Jones as the victim, even though he was brought down by his own words, which included blaming white polluters and environmentalists for intentionally poisoning black communities. Sounds like it should be the next Kanye West single.

Could it be this man, Obama's former spiritual advisor?

Nope. During the campaign, it was politically incorrect to even suggest talking about Obama's pastor for 20 years at Trinity Church. Liberals prefer to ignore his rants against America altogether. Or worse, agree with them.

Could it be this man's attack on our president, which must have been fueled by hate speech on talk radio? That is, talk radio in the Arab world.

Nope. Even though showing the bottom of your shoes in the Arab world is, in essence, the same as flipping someone the middle finger, and throwing objects at a president is clearly an act of violence, the shoe thrower was celebrated as a hero by the Left. It seems like just yesterday they were writing love letters to him over at the Huffington Post. I think my personal favorite is the giddy Save the economy: Throw shoes at Bush! Throw shoes at Bush? That doesn't sound like the proper level of decorum or respect for our president.

So where's the outrage? Hmmm. Since we know how much the Left hates guns, maybe it was this incident yesterday when a peaceful, pro-life advocate and demonstrator known as "sign guy" was gunned down for his outspoken beliefs?

Nope. The mainstream media and progressive blogs have barely mentioned it, although to be fair it was a heavy news day. So what could possibly have the Left so outraged and infuriated? Give up?

It was this comment in front of Congress, where a representative called the president a liar, something so petty, so below the standards of our nation, so partisan, that we must question whether he's even fit to hold office. Clearly we can agree that such boorish behavior is over the line. Can't we?

Oh wait. That was the wrong clip. That was Democrat Rep. Pete Stark two years ago calling President Bush a liar. And a baby killer who likes to send people to die for his own amusement. Well, that's understandable.

But this here (and listen closely), this is terrible.

Even though Joe Wilson was right. And the White House has since acknowledged that it will be necessary to add language to the bill regarding citizenship verification. Are you outraged yet? Because the Left's virgin ears have never been so shocked. Oh, the horror.

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