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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Exclusive Footage: British Death Panels Coming to America?

Thanks to some close contacts and in-depth investigative reporting, I was able to gain access to this top secret video showing how the Obama administration's public option is designed to work. Officially, this public option doesn't exist, although it is in the House version of the bill that most Democratic representatives support (H.R. 3200).

Obama has called it "just a sliver" and his health secretary, Kathleen Sabilius, suggested Sunday on Meet the Press that it's not essential to health care reform. But in March, President Obama said health care reform had to include a public option. And now Sabilius is backpedaling on backpedaling away from the public option. So you might say Obama and Sabilius are playing good cop, bad cop. Poorly, I might add.

The public option is modeled on the single-payer systems in Canada and Great Britain with health care boards (or rationing panels) making cost-effective decisions for every patient. This is what Sarah Palin has referred to as "death panels." In England, the decision-making board that oversees treatment of patients is called the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence. Or NICE. Orwellian language to be sure. If you have cancer in England, the NICE people are the ones that deny you life-saving remedies. Not so nice. In fact, the British have some of the worst cancer survival rates in the developed world.

This is actual footage of England's end-of-life health care board in action. Notice the shoddy ambulance and how the bureaucrat treats the sick, elderly patient. Viewer discretion is advised.

This is the closest representation of the so-called Obama public option that I've seen. And as we all know, in the president's own words, the public option is just a trojan horse to single-payer, universal health care. To quote Haley Joel Osment in The Sixth Sense, "I see dead people."

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